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Find out if these popular products are worth the hype or just great marketing!

  • SUPER SERUM SKIN TINT BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 40 SUNSCREEN: SKINTHUSIAST APPROVED. In a beautifully smooth vehicle, this product contains 12% Zinc Oxide along with iron oxides to provide both UV and HEV light protection. Available in quite a few shades, it also contains some of my favorite ingredients like squalane, niacinamide, allantoin and bisabolol. This product triples as a sunscreen, makeup and skin care product… perfect for low maintenance types and makeup minimalists or as a primer for those who like a more full coverage look. I will say I am impressed with the natural, blurring coverage that is both sufficient to hide any spots but not enough to look like you’re wearing a thick, full face. This product officially has a spot on my #skincareshelf and I will likely be using it daily!
  • Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. Alright let’s go. By popular request here is my analysis of Lotion P50. Hint: This analysis is based solely on ingredients and not personal experience because I would not apply this product to my face. The Pros: with ingredients including AHAs, BHA, AND PHAs this product seems like a fantastic exfoliator on the surface. This combination would be appropriate for someone with more resistant skin. (These acids in combination likely will not be tolerated on sensitive or very dry skin, certainly not someone with rosacea or even dry, acne-prone skin.) Digging a little deeper, with ingredients like vinegar, myrrh and thyme, I would avoid this product on ANY skin type. This ingredient list has irritant potential for even those with resistant skin. As you’ve probably learned by now inflammation and irritation is the enemy to most skin conditions including acne and pigmentation. So while the AHAs and BHA are beneficial for acne, pigmentation and anti-aging, there are MANY other products containing these ingredients while leaving out the harsh skin sensitizers.
  • NuFACE. SKINTHUSIAST APPROVED. There is so much debate over whether or not the NuFACE is “worth it”. Experts will tell you varying things. Here’s the thing. This is not something you buy expecting a face lift or long term results similar to a trip to your injector’s office. This is also not something you should buy until your regimen is on point. Having a quality regimen with all the essentials is by far more important. But, if your skin care is on point, you’re seeing your Dermatology provider for regular maintenance (if you’ve decided to do so), and you still want and have the budget for a little something extra. Then my answer is yes, as long as you have realistic expectations. I love the NuFACE (I have the Pro) for its immediate results. I use it the morning before an event or when I’ll be filming for a little extra lift. The results are not long term at least not with the data we have thus far. In conclusion, I love mine for its short term, immediate benefit and will be on the lookout for any data in the future that may suggest a long term benefit if there is one.