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My Self Tanning Tips and Favorite Products

As a Derm PA you can imagine I’m pretty happy that the emphasis is almost completely on “fake baking” these days. Baking in the sun, or worse in a tanning bed, wreaks havoc on our skin. I have been an avid self tanner for years now. I’m a firm believer that a good glow makes you look brighter and even a little leaner! I have olive undertones so I tend to look a little green without a little self tan.

My Self Tanning Tips and Favorite Products

It can be a little tricky to master. So, I’m sharing my favorite self tanning products as well as some tips and tricks to master a flawless tan.

For an everyday glow I love to use a gradual product like this one. After showering and drying off, I’ll apply this lotion like my regular moisturizer everywhere. I will do this daily until I am happy with the color and use as needed for upkeep.

If I’m going to an event, on vacation, or just want a more intense tan I use this express sculpting mousse. After following the steps below, I apply the mousse to this tanning glove. This glove also doubles as an exfoliator which is super helpful. Again, I will apply this 2 or 3 days in a row depending on how dark I want to be! I have been super impressed with the streak-free tan this gives me! It’s awesome to be able to do this at home rather than paying for multiple expensive spray tans.

For the face I use this sunless tanning oil. After my regular evening skin care routine, before my moisturizer I apply this oil. It has lots of skinthusiast approved ingredients like argan oil, aloe, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. I put it on at night and wash it off in the morning because there is oil of Bergamot which for some people can cause a rash when used in the sun, although not commonly in this low concentration.

Now that you know all the products I use, let me share with you my tips for a beautiful, streak-free tan!

  1. Apply on clean, exfoliated skin. In the shower I exfoliate my skin with a gentle scrub paying special attention to my elbows, knees, and any rough areas. I make sure to cleanse thoroughly so my skin is free from any products including moisturizers and sunscreen.
  2. Allow the skin to dry fully and wait a few minutes after showering.
  3. Apply a very thin layer of moisturizer on the elbows, knees, in-between the fingers and toes. Leave the rest of the body clean and dry.
  4. Apply the tanning products as directed. I love using a mitt because it helps the product to glide on much smoother making it less likely to streak.
  5. Wipe areas like eyebrows, nails and cuticles immediately after application so the product does not sequester.
  6. Make sure to moisturize the days following the tan application to keep the skin hydrated and allow for a longer lasting tan!

Now you have all you need to get the glowiest tan in town!

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission when you purchase via these links at no additional cost to you (thank you! It helps me keep things up and running)… As always I ONLY recommend products, goods and services that I stand behind and personally love and use.



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