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My Favorite Probiotic

My Favorite Probiotic | Seed Daily Synbiotic

You’ve heard time and time again from friends, family and providers the importance of taking a quality pre-and-probiotic. I’m so excited to partner with Seed to tell you more about it! I started taking Seed’s Daily Synbiotic in 2019 after struggling for years with my digestion. After having a workup with my provider and being assured nothing was “wrong”, he recommended a probiotic.

Seed Daily Synbiotic | My Favorite Probiotic

My Favorite Probiotic

I had taken probiotics before but never felt the relief I was looking for. After months of searching, I learned that not all probiotics are created equal! In fact, there are a few key components that matter greatly when it comes to efficacy and also some that are important to me personally. I’ve already told you all about why I trust Seed here. Hint, hint: it’s the science. This was by far the most important to me when making my choice, but there are a few other reasons that have kept me loyal to this product for over 2 years now! 

So, here are 3 reasons why I chose and continue to choose the Seed Daily Synbiotic every single day. 

Seed's Daily Synbiotic


In order for a probiotic to confer a benefit, I learned, it MUST make its way to the colon where it counts. Seed uses a 2-in-1 capsule delivery technology which protects the bacteria from our stomach acid, bile salts and digestive enzymes whose job is literally to break up food and kill bacteria. In this case of course, we want the bacteria to survive this journey. The outer green prebiotic capsule (made from pomegranate!) is not only really pretty, but it protects the Synbiotic from moisture, heat and oxygen so YOU DON’T HAVE TO REFRIGERATE THEM! This brings me to my next point:

Ease of Use.

I’m the type of person who won’t use something if it’s too hard or too involved. That includes a probiotic that has to be refrigerated. I travel often and am always on the go even when I’m in town. I need something that can travel with me easily in order for me to actually commit to taking it daily. And daily I have. I haven’t missed a dose of my Daily Synbiotic in over a year! Another convenience that allows me to stay on track is the monthly shipments. I don’t have to worry about scrambling to order when I’m running low, it’s already on its way to me! You might be thinking… monthly shipping, that seems wasteful…


We are all (hopefully) a bit more conscious of what and how much we are consuming as a society. When it comes to something like this that gets shipped to my door monthly, I prefer to avoid excessive packaging. The first Seed Daily Synbiotic shipment comes with a super cute glass bottle and glass travel bottle in biodegraable algae packaging. All subsequent refills simply come in a biodegradable, compostable pouch. So that you can reuse your glass canister over and over! Each refill is protected by a natural corn foam insulator (dissolves in water and is home-compostable) and shipped in a box constructed from that same algae paper. This is truly the most sustainable shipment I receive every single month.

You can see how it’s been so easy for me to stick with my Synbiotic all this time. Add in how much it has transformed my digestion and I know I will never have to search again for a quality probiotic. If you’re a science nerd like me they have an amazing online course (@seeduniversity) you can go through at your own pace to learn about our microbiome, ecosystem and how Seed fits in with it all. 

I get countless story tags, DMs and comments from those of you who have tried it and it’s been just as transformative for you.

If you’re ready to make the commitment you can use code “skinthusiast” for 15% off the first month of your Daily Synbiotic subscription!

Be sure to let me know how you like it!

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This post was created in partnership with Seed. As always opinions are my own!



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