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A Year In Symbiosis

seed probiotic | A Year In Symbiosis

Almost a full year ago, I made the commitment to take my Seed Daily Synbiotic every single day for 3 months. #ad #accountable. Previously I had had my own gut issues: upset stomach, bathroom woes and bloating after nearly every meal. My doctors assured me everything appeared fine. And to be honest I had dealt with it my whole life and just thought “it is what it is”. But I had to try SOMETHING.

Of course at this point I knew that a probiotic would likely be helpful based on the data. But I wasn’t sure where to start. I did my research and came across Seed’s Daily Synbiotic. I was immediately impressed with their no B.S approach to the facts. As a science nerd and biology major I was thrilled to see their educational content. And took a deep dive into their @SeedUniversity. By the end, I knew this was the one for me. These were my people!

seed probiotic | A Year In Symbiosis

A Year In Symbiosis

Just a couple of days after starting the Seed’s Daily Synbiotic I noticed more regularity. And within a month I was having far less bloating and upset stomach. It became easy to stick to my 3 month commitment (and beyond) because I was feeling so much better. Now, I almost never experience the same symptoms that just a year ago plagued me daily. 

As a culture we are so focused on caring for ourselves WHEN WE’RE SICK. If we don’t feel well or feel that something is off we seek care or change our habits to try to improve our health. But it’s even more important to care for our bodies when we feel well. As a medical provider of course I believe in the importance of “sick” care. But self care and prevention are entirely underutilized and are the foundation of health and longevity.

Important note here: if you are having any symptoms you should see your health care provider to rule out any medical conditions! 

The most important thing we can do for our future selves is to care for the body of our present selves.

Getting moderate physical exercise, eating a healthful diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables to support a healthy gut, and of course take our (research-supported) probiotics. It’s about so much more than a flatter waist line and more comfortable digestion. It’s about protecting the foundation of a healthy body. When we ingest the right strains of bacteria  in the right quantity and vehicle, these new bacteria interact with our own microbiome and even our innate cells. Our gut “speaks” to our brain, our skin, our immune system. All this to say TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT.

If you’re feeling stuck in your health journey I encourage you to make a commitment for yourself and put your gut first. If you want to make your own commitment like I did a year ago you can use code “Skinthusiast” for 15% off your first month of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic! I have a sneaking suspicion you will love it as much as I do. And make sure to check them out on social @seed and @SeedUniversity to learn some of the SCIENCE behind your incredible gut microbiome! 

A Year In Symbiosis
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**Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with and is sponsored by Seed. As always I ONLY recommend products, goods and services that I stand behind and personally love and use. This should not be construed as medical advice. See your health care provider if you are experiencing symptoms. 



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