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We’re Pregnant!

The news is out. Over the last 4 months, we have been adjusting to our new reality, getting excited, and taking time to announce to our close friends and family. I am so excited to finally announce to my online fam that we are expecting a new member of the family come March, 2022!

black and white photo of a Pregnant at the beach

We’re Pregnant!

Although this news took us by surprise (we had planned to wait a couple more years) we are elated and can’t wait to meet our new little sidekick. I love reading pregnancy stories so I thought I would share a little of my own!

On the 4th of July, I woke up ready to head to a fun beach day with friends. I will spare you the details. However, the past few days I had similar symptoms to the ones I have every month during that time of the month. It was right on schedule. Though, something was a bit off and this month didn’t feel like others. Suddenly it dawned on me, a crazy intuition, that I better take a test and… it was positive.

The car ride to our beach day was a lot of silence and confusion as we tried to process what it all meant.

Because of these symptoms the next 6 weeks were a whirlwind of appointments, ultrasounds and bloodwork. Ultimately after a couple hiccups we were thrilled to finally make it past the first trimester. We took our time to process the news and then slowly starting telling family and friends.

This is a huge change for us but a journey that we are excited to embark on together. We still feel a bit like children ourselves and I hope we can maintain a little bit of that free spirit into this new chapter, too.

Oh and because I know the question will be up next: We don’t know the sex, and we’re not going to! We will be just as surprised as the rest of you when baby arrives early next spring!

A big thank you to KCA Photo for helping us share this special announcement!

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pregnant woman at the beach
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