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The Essentials I Never Hit the Beach Without

Summer is creeping up or already here for parts of the country! I love a good beach day as much as the next girl, but I am super vigilant and careful about protecting myself from the sun. Plus who doesn’t like to hit the beach in style? I know I do! Cue my husband lugging two giant beach bags and a trendy umbrella… Thanks babe! So, how do you enjoy the sun while still staying cute, safe and wrinkle-free? Below are my non-negotiables for a trip to the beach.

woman in blue dress and holding a product for essentials I Never Hit the Beach Without

The Essentials I Never Hit the Beach Without

Facial sunscreen

Often times sunscreen for the body and face are formulated with different ingredients so I usually have a dedicated SPF for the face. I wear almost exclusively physical or mineral sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens have been the cause of much controversy in recent years, and although deemed safe for use there is also concern that the main ingredients are partially responsible for bleaching our beautiful reefs. That is reason enough for me to avoid them. Plus, with so many incredible mineral options out there, why not? For a daily SPF I recommend a tinted physical sunscreen, however at the beach I prefer something non-tinted. If you’re on the dry side I recommend this SPF from Elta MD. If you’re on the oily side you’ll probably like this one from PCA Skin the best! For easy facial reapplication I love the colorescience brush-on! I use shade medium. Stay tuned for a discount code for my followers below!

Spray Body SPF

Who wants to smear on a creamy sunscreen after they have just come out of the salty ocean and are covered in sand? Not me. Spray mineral sunscreens can be hard to come by so I was thrilled when I came across this one from Coola. I rely on this daily for my chest and shoulders, beach days, tennis matches, you name it. I do apply one application of this Elta MD SPF 50 lotion before leaving the house though as the reapplication spray is only SPF 30. If you’re in the direct sun with no umbrella I would recommend reapplying with the 50 instead of the 30!

Lip Treatment

Don’t forget to protect your lips from UV exposure! It’s important to pick a lip product that contains at least an SPF of 15. Clear products or those without SPF can actually INCREASE your exposure. In my beach bag you’ll always find this tinted balm from Coola, this tinted gloss from colorescience, or this non-tinted option from Elta MD.

Antioxidant Supplement

I always take a Heliocare supplement 30 minutes before heading to the beach or outdoor activities. This little pill, made from extract of the fern Polipodium leucotomos has been shown to provide additional protection from UV radiation. I love this especially for those with sun-sensitive conditions like Melasma (moi).

An Umbrella

I used to be the type who could sit out on the beach for 5+ hours with no shade. Now I can’t stand to hit the sand without the shelter of an umbrella. Not only does it make the experience much more enjoyable, but no matter how diligent you are about reapplying sunscreen, you can’t out run a blaring sun for a prolonged period of time.

A cute bathing suit

If I am headed out for a day on the beach or in the water where I know I probably won’t be under shade the whole time, I opt for a cute UPF bathingsuit! This means the fabric of the suit itself has built in UV protection. This brand also has the cutest kids suits to match!

A big hat. Aside from the fact that you look super glam, a wide-brimmed hat will help protect your money maker much better than a ball cap will!

There you have it: my beach essentials! Do yourself a favor and protect your skin now, I promise you can still look cute doing it!

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