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The Benefits To Shower Filters For Hair

We all know the importance of clean water and sourcing drinking water that prioritizes our health. With that, we often forget about how valuable water is for our skin and hair! Have you ever noticed a difference to the appearance of your hair depending on which state or country you are showering in? Every place has a different amount of chemicals and minerals, like chlorine or chloramine, in their water that you are being exposed to when you shower. When you use a shower head, it can strain out the contaminants in hard water and actually make a big difference in your hair! If it’s in your budget, your hair (and skin) will thank you for the addition of a shower head to your hair routine.

The Benefits To Shower Filters For Hair

Hard water strips natural oils in our bodies, leaving our hair, skin, and nails feeling brittle and dry. When we use a shower filter, it can help our bodies retain our natural oils. When our scalps retain those natural oils, the hair follicles are stronger. Also, when you and/or your blonde friends went to a swimming pool repeatedly over summers, did you notice a subtle green tint to the hair? It probably felt a little brittle too. We always wrote it off to chlorine, but chlorine is also the most common chemical found in hard water of showers too.

So how exactly does a shower filter work?

Every shower filter has filtration media, which reduce offending irritants like chlorine and chloramines from shower water. Be mindful, because many showers come with cartridges that need to be changed every 6 months to a year. 

When it comes to choosing a shower filter, there are so many incredible choices. I encourage you to research each filter options’ level of filtration, how often you will have to change the cartridge, etc. With that, I have collected two of my favorite shower filter options for you! This T3 Source Showerhead (use code AMY15 for 15% off). I have been using this one for a few weeks. I kid you not, my hair is so much shinier and sleeker!

I didn’t think you would be able to notice such a shift. However, trust me when I say, you will notice. You can see the results in this video! You can say goodbye to damaged hair with this one. If you are looking for a filter that is a little more affordable, but still super effective, this Hotel Spa filter from Amazon is a must-have. I haven’t personally tried it but it comes highly recommended.

shower filters for the Benefits To Shower Filters For Hair

I can’t wait to hear how much you love your shower filters! Make sure to DM me your hair transformation photos. Make sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, & my new Newsletter. Big things are coming in 2023!



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