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So You Have Dark Circles.

Dark circles and other peri-ocular issues are often some of the hardest to treat. I get at least one DM per day asking for help in this area.

Dark circles are often the result of environmental factors such as lack of sleep, smoking, inadequate hydration, chronic irritation, genetics and sun exposure.

So what can we do to treat them at home? First, make sure that you’re addressing the above. Drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep if you can. Quit smoking if anyone is actually still doing that.

If the problem persists and is a true pigmentation of the skin… (Let me preface this by saying there IS NO MAGIC EYE CREAM) but there are some topical options that may help. First, opt for an eye product in the morning WITH SPF, preferably tinted. UV and HEV light will darken pigmentation including that around the eyes. Secondly, opt for eye creams with lightening ingredients. Much like the products we recommend for lightening hyperpigmentation on the rest of the face, there are eye creams formulated with ingredients that may help lighten the peri-ocular skin. Here are some of my favorites for each category!

Eye products with SPF for daytime use:

Colorescience 3-in-1 Total Eye

PCA Sheer Tint Eye

Eye treatment products for PM use:

Jan Marini Luminate Eye Gel

Revision Teamine

Colorescience Total Eye Concentrate

As always you can use code AMY25 at both Exclusive Beauty Club and Skinstore for 25% off your qualifying purchase!

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission when you purchase via these links at no additional cost to you (thank you! It helps me keep things up and running)… As always I ONLY recommend products, goods and services that I stand behind and personally love and use. 



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