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Find out if these popular products are worth the hype or just great marketing!

  • SUPER SERUM SKIN TINT BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 40 SUNSCREEN: SKINTHUSIAST APPROVED. In a beautifully smooth vehicle, this product contains 12% Zinc Oxide along with iron oxides to provide both UV and HEV light protection. Available in quite a few shades, it also contains some of my favorite ingredients like squalane, niacinamide, allantoin and bisabolol. This product triples as a sunscreen, makeup and skin care product… perfect for low maintenance types and makeup minimalists or as a primer for those who like a more full coverage look. I will say I am impressed with the natural, blurring coverage that is both sufficient to hide any spots but not enough to look like you’re wearing a thick, full face. This product officially has a spot on my #skincareshelf and I will likely be using it daily!