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Second Trimester Must Haves

I can’t believe I’m already nearing the end of the second trimester. This pregnancy is flying by. I definitely haven’t gone too crazy buying maternity items, but I wanted to share a few things that have made all the difference for me!

collage of Second Trimester Must Haves

Second Trimester Must Haves

Maternity leggings.

These have been a must for me. I feel super constricted in my regular leggings so when I’m going for ultimate comfort, these ones from anook give my belly plenty of breathing room.


I’ve been loving taking extra time to moisturize the skin on my face and body. Since I can’t do some of my more exciting serums or treatments, I’m really focusing on nourishing and hydrating. I really love applying a nice layer of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask before bed. My skin just soaks it up over night. For the body I’m loving the Necessaire and the bottle looks so cute on my vanity. These special touches make my evening routine feel more luxurious. If you’re experiencing pregnancy-related sensitive skin, both of these are fragrance-free!

Washable silk pajamas.

I have been trying to keep my pajama game elevated so I don’t feel like a dump truck. There is NOTHING wrong with lounging in old sweats but there’s something about this big old belly that makes me want to step it up a little so I feel a bit more put together. May sound silly, but I’ve always been a sucker for a matching pajama set. & these are my go-to brand for that!


We know that retinol is on the no fly list for pregnancy and so I’ve incorporated an up and coming ingredient with *potentially* similar benefits. I love this one (more of an oil) and Overachiever by Jordan Harper (more serum like). It’s important to note that bakuchiol has NOT been studied in pregnancy, like many ingredients, and it’s always best to get in the habit of talking to your OB before starting a new product.

Comfy bralette.

Okay, no one told me about the nipple thing. Turns out your nipples are like REALLY sensitive when you’re pregnant and any chaffing from clothing really irritated mine. This bra is so comfortable and soft and protects them well.

Pregnancy pillow.

I jumped on the opportunity to grab one of these. Mine is cheap from Amazon and works just fine. I’m a side sleeper anyways and used to sleep with a regular pillow between my legs so now I just have this crazy contraption to make it even more comfy.

Need more pregnancy recs? Leave them in the comments below! And be sure to check out my pregnancy skin care routines on IG!

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