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Prep Your Skin Before An Event

We all know the feeling. You have an event coming up and you want your skin to have the ultimate glow. I mean who doesn’t want to look better quickly?! Continue reading for my top tips, products, & regimens to have your skin event-ready!

Prep Your Skin Before An Event

Step 1

I know it’s not skincare related, but while I’m getting ready I love to start by clipping the top half of my hair up in a claw-clip! It gives the roots a little lift and leaves my hair feeling voluminous and vibrant. I love this method for quick and heatless results. All you need is to clip hair near the root at the crown of the head to provide a certain amount of volume to your hair. Here’s a video for a visual!

Step 2: 

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a plump and hydrated lip! The best way to ensure your end result lipstick looks nice and smooth is to apply a lip mask at the beginning of your routine. This lip mask from Laneige is a must-have. 

Step 3:

I think we can all relate to wanting a little extra lift (especially if it’s for an event where photos will be captured). Nuface is typically my third step but is absolutely not mandatory to achieve your glowy look. For anybody not familiar, Nuface uses microcurrent technology. Microcurrent units stimulate muscle contraction, giving a lifted effect to brows, eyes, jawline, cheeks, and neck temporarily. Again, not necessary, but I love the extra lift it provides. 

Step 4:

Exfoliating pads are an immediate way to smooth and brighten the skin by gently removing the very top layer of “dead skin” cells. These pads from Dr. Dennis Gross are one of my all time favorite skin care items. My skin instantly has a more nourished and buoyant complexion. 

Step 5:

I love to follow the exfoliating pads with a hydrating serum. The serum helps immediately plump the skin while smoothing fine lines. This is super helpful for preventing makeup from seeping into those fine lines. I also love a serum for bringing some brightness to my skin when it’s looking a little dull.

Step 6:

There is no better feeling than layering a rich moisturizer over a hydrating serum. It locks in all the humectants from the serum and smooths the surface of the skin. It also gives the skin a replenished and plump appearance. You will have the perfect canvas to work off of for any makeup you apply. 

Step 7:

The step of a brightening eye cream under your eye will give you that glowy, wide awake look we all crave. An eye cream will de-puff, reduce dark circles, and promote a brighter more-radiant under eye area. A little concealer on top of the eye cream and you will instantly achieve a hydrated and fresh appearance!

Step 8:

We want to provide a little time for the skin care to settle, so I like to add eye drops while letting the products dry. Eye drops are absolutely an added bonus, but they do minimize the appearance of redness to the eye. Ultimately, it is the small steps that make an impact. 

Step 9: 

We have arrived at our final step. This is, without a doubt, the step that I will never skip. SPF is always my last step to my skin care routine, so my skin is left fully protected! I love this tinted sunscreen from EltaMd. It will leave your skin dewy, evened out, and fully guarded from the skin. 

Make sure to let me know if you gave these tips a try & how they worked for you! Keep an eye out for more skin and beauty blogs coming soon!



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