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PM Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

It’s finally time for me to give you the inside scoop to my NIGHT pregnancy skin routine. My main focus for my evening routine is hydration & anti-aging! Now, let’s get in to the details.

PM Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Farmacy’s Cleansing Balm

You already know I am a double cleanse advocate, so the first step in my routine is Farmacy’s Cleansing Balm. I cycle through a lot of incredible cleansing balms, but I just love how this one has been melting my makeup off. I apply the balm to my dry skin, massage it in and then gently remove with a warm, soft washcloth. 

Farmacy Green Clean for PM Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Seiso’s Fuwafuwa Foaming Cleanser

After removing my cleansing balms, I always go in with a water-based cleanser. I love Seiso’s Fuwafuwa Foaming Cleanser because it effectively removes any leftover residue after my first cleanse, while still being gentle on my skin. Tip: if you’re super oily you probably won’t love this one! It’s super moisturizing.

Seiso’s Fuwafuwa Foaming Cleanser for PM Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Versed Dark Spot Gel

Next in my routine I apply Versed Dark Spot Gel. Combatting Melasma is my number one focus when creating my pregnancy skin routine. I love ingredients like tranexamic acid and kojic acid, in this Dark Spot Gel.

Versed Dark Spot Gel for PM Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Skinfix Barrier + Moisturizer

When it comes to my moisturizer,  I am a huge fan of Skinfix Barrier + Moisturizer! It has humectants, occlusives, and emollients (aka EVERYTHING you need in a moisturizer).

Skinfix Barrier + Moisturizer

Revision DEJ Eye Cream

Next up is giving my under eye area a little TLC. Since I can’t get my normal neuromodulator treatments, I have been using the Revision DEJ Eye Cream religiously! 

Revision DEJ Eye Cream

La Neige Lip Mask

Last (but certainly not the least), I always apply a lip mask before bed. The La Neige Lip Mask is a must-have and I have been obsessed for years!

La Neige Lip Mask

Curious to understand the breakdown of ingredients you should avoid in pregnancy, and what ingredients you should continue using? Read my post on Skin Care In Pregnancy for the full scoop!



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