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My Top 3 Favorite Affordable Denim Brands

Recently a request for denim recs came through on my instagram Q&A and I really thought it deserved it’s own little post. I pretty much live in two types of clothing: comfy dresses and comfy denim. I have very little tolerance for uncomfortable clothing. Basically I want to be able to go from running errands to couch at any given moment…

woman sitting down and wearing one of the Affordable Denim Brands

Denim is very personal but there are a few brands that I find I continue to reach for. I have roughly 20 pairs of jeans and I regularly wear maybe 5. Here are the stand out stars for me!

A note on styles I love: I am a huge fan of the high-waisted trend. In fact I may go full hermit if low rise jeans every once again become mainstream. Not for me. Because I prefer high-waisted styles I really like my jeans to have some structure and not so much stretch that they lose their shape over time. For years I was an avid Madewell denim lover and pretty much wore exclusively their jeans.

I still have a few pairs I love and wear but for the most part I found that many of their styles had enough stretch that after the better part of a year they weren’t holding their shape up top. If my food baby is popping out my high-waisted jeans at the end up the night they are just not doing their job in my opinion.

My Top 3 Favorite Affordable Denim Brands

Here are the brands I’m currently loving!


I know I know are we back in 8th grade? You know how bloggers rave about something so much you’re like ok damn I’ll try it already… Well that’s what happened with me and the new and improved Abercrombie, and I must say I was not disappointed. The last 3 pairs of jeans I’ve purchased have been this brand. I find they run true to size and I love that they come in short for us petite ladies (tall, too). I just bought a pair of flare jeans from them and I am absolutely obsessed!! Linking them here.


This brand is really one of a kind. Great quality, great price and really affordable for quality denim. On their site they say “We make all of our jeans at Saitex, a LEED-certified denim factory that recycles 98% of its water, uses renewable energy produced onsite, and repurposes byproducts to create affordable homes.” And I’m here for that. Plus, the more quality products we invest in < the less we buy < and that’s just better for everyone. They also make the only skinny pair of jeans I’m still holding onto… Fit: TTS


Another old school fave. I slept on Gap for many years but my husband has a weird obsession with this store. After too many shopping trips where I sat outside Gap waiting for him to finish checking out I finally decided to try some stuff on and give it a try. I love them for the boyfriend/mom style jeans and again they have enough structure that I can wear them on the days I’m feeling a little blah without feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. Fit: TTS

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