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My Morning Overhaul with Seed

My Morning Overhaul:

Last year my mornings looked a little something like this #ad: wake up after snoozing a gazillion times, immediately make a cup of coffee and chug it before I could even think about anything else, stumble into the shower and start my day plus or minus a bathroom break in there. I know, crazy. 

Of course I’ve known for years the importance of gut health. I tried to stay away from processed foods, increase fermented foods and water intake and take a basic probiotic. This worked some. I will spare you the details of my bathroom schedule but it was pretty scarce even though I’d been a healthy eater my whole life. Even after making these small changes I knew I needed to really hit the research and find a solution. Things just weren’t normal.

What started as “just” a new probiotic quickly changed my mornings completely. I noticed a difference in my digestion in just a couple of days. Immediately my bowel movements became more regular which was a welcomed change. I also noticed that just the simple act of taking it in the morning made me much more aware of my morning habits. Cut to a few months later and I am VERY regular, have almost zero bloating (a big problem I struggled with before). I don’t feel that icky “hungry but not” feeling in the morning any longer and I can honestly say that I feel I have more energy all in all. 

Taking my @seed Daily Synbiotic has become such a ritualistic part of my morning. My AM routine has truly made a transformation of its own. I wake up rather early feeling RESTED (imagine that!). I immediately drink 20-32oz. of water and take my seed synbiotic. Within minutes of waking up I go to the bathroom. THEN wide eyed and bushy-tailed I finally make my first cup of coffee.

While Seed’s Daily Synbiotic has completely changed the way I feel, it has also given me the gift of joyful mornings. It has also given me the opportunity to step back and appreciate what needed to change.

I’ve gotten countless DMs from followers thanking me for sharing Seed and telling me how its changed their digestion! Have you tried it?! What are your thoughts?

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I am a #accountable Seed partner and this is a sponsored blog post. All opinions are my own. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the product mentioned in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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