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Inside My Supplement Cabinet

If you’re anything like me… you’re eating healthy, working out regularly, drinking enough water, taking care of your skin. But, you want to know: Should I be taking supplements?

This is a great question. There are often two sides of the argument on this one. Some people say that if you’re eating a balanced diet, there’s really no need to supplement. Some people (like me) feel there’s probably no way I’m getting all the nutrients I need in any given day when I’m running around like a mad person with a job, and a dog, and a side hustle, and a hubby and forget to eat anything before dinner time. I mean… I’m busy… and sometimes lunch consists of a banana and some dark chocolate. So, I take the extra supplements to make sure I’m getting the appropriate vitamins, nutrients, probiotics and enzymes for a healthy body plus healthy skin and hair.

I’m going to break down the supplements I take every single day and why. Don’t worry, it may seem like a lot but I’ll tell you how I purchase and take mine to make it super simple for you.

***This is personal opinion and not medical advice. Always check with your healthcare provider before starting a supplement. This post contains affiliate links.

A probiotic. More and more we are learning just how important our gut health is to well… everything. It’s linked to our brain health, our immune health, our skin health, etc. It’s so important to support a healthy gut and the research just keeps coming. My probiotic contains a prebiotic so I don’t have to add an additional prebiotic supplement. Seed has 20 strains validated in 23+ clinical studies as well as an outer capsule and prebiotic suspension to ensure the precious probiotics make it to your colon without dying along the way (super important). Their claims are backed by strain-specific, potency matched clinical studies that are double-blind, placebo controlled and peer reviewed. This is incredibly reassuring and I can rest easy knowing I’m really getting the best, most clinically backed probiotic out there. Before they will give you a discount code for your followers, Seed makes you go through a little online training program to make sure you actually know what you’re talking about which I appreciate. I take 2 pills each day on an empty stomach as recommended. You can take 15% off your first month of Seed with code “theskinthusiast”

A hair supplement. Who doesn’t want healthy locks? A diet of sufficient and healthful foods will help support your hair growth; supplementation is an additional benefit. One of my favorite hair supplements is Nutrafol because of its multi-targeted approach of everything from gut health to stress hormone regulation. It aims to target the main reasons for hair loss: nutritional deficiencies, free radical damage, immune signaling disruption and DHT sensitivity. Another company dedicated to clinical research, I feel confident taking this supplement and recommending it to my patients in clinic. In fact, it’s one of only two supplements we carry in our office. Like with any supplement, consistency is key. You have to commit for at least 3 months before you can judge the effect. They have a great special right now where you can get the 3rd month FREE when you sign up for this very reason (use code COMMIT)… they want to make sure you will use the supplement for at least 12 weeks so you can reap the benefits! I’m currently one week into my first 3 month order so please tag me on instagram if you decide to take the challenge with me and we can keep each other accountable!

Heliocare. Although not in my daily routine, I take this fern extract/ antioxidant supplement whenever I’m in the sun for added protection (biking, running, beach day, long car ride, etc.). I take one 30 minutes before I plan to be outside.

A multivitamin. If I’m feeling that my diet does not adequately provide the essential vitamins and minerals, I take a simple MV that contains Vitamin C, D, B6, methylated (for better absorption) folate, Vitamin B12, Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. These vitamins are essential to many of the basic functions of our bodies. Also, since I am in my childbearing years I make sure to take a folate to prevent any neural tube defects if and when we talk about having a little one. I use the multivitamin from Binto which is a monthly subscription.



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