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Everything You Need To Know About The Sephora Holiday Savings Event

I think most of us can resonate with the feeling of going into Sephora as a tween or teenager and being overwhelmed by the stunning options and immaculate visual merchandising. Maybe you grabbed a mascara or lip gloss, but your favorite part was absolutely the free secret samples in your bag at the end. Take that feeling and multiple it by 10 because the Sephora Savings Event is almost here! I am about to give you everything you need to know for the upcoming sale.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sephora Holiday Savings Event

How Can You Participate In The Sephora Sale?

Let’s start with a little overview of how this sale actually works. First things first, you do need to be a part of the Sephora Beauty Insider Program to participate. The good news about this is it is completely free to join and there is no minimum spend to qualify! Joining the program takes less time than reapplying a coat of lip gloss. It should also be mentioned that there are numerous pros to joining the program, such as earning points for every Sephora purchase you make which you can exchange for samples, freebies, and other rewards. The amount of points you receive will vary depending on your level of membership. 

details on the Sephora Holiday Savings Event

The Sephora Beauty Program is divided into three tiers, and the sale will look differently for each tier:

Sephora Insider

This is a free, entry-level membership where you will receive 1 point back on all Sephora sales and be able to participate in all Sephora Savings Events!

Sephora VIB

You will automatically receive VIB status when you spend over $350 or more at Sephora on a calendar year. VIB status earns you 1.25 points back on all Sephora purchases. It also gives you access to all the Sephora Beauty Insider sale events, including the Sephora Spring Savings Event, Summer Bonus Sale and VIB Holiday Savings Event.

Sephora Rouge

You’re automatically awarded VIB Rouge status when you spend $1,000 or more at Sephora within a calendar year. Rouge membership status earns you 1.5 points back on all Sephora purchases. Like the other memberships, you will of course be able to participate in all the Sephora Beauty Insider sale events, including the ones mentioned above!

Now that you have a better idea of how to participate and how your membership can evolve, let’s discuss the details of the Sephora Sale. 

Sephora Holiday Savings Event Details

The Sephora Fall VIB Sale 2022 will start on Friday, October 28th, 2022 and run until Monday November 7th, 2022.

  • Sephora Rouge members will receive 20% off from October 28th – November 7th, 2022.
  • Sephora VIB members will receive 15% off from November 1st – November 7th, 2022.
  • Sephora Insiders will receive 10% off from November 3rd – November 7th, 2022.

You can shop the sale both online and in person! When you’re getting ready to check out, fully stocked physical/virtual cart at your side, mention the holiday savings event in store and use the code “SAVINGS” when online. This code can be used as many times as you want during the sale. 
I hope this made you as excited as it made me! Bonus: my email list will be getting my Top 10 Sephora Sale Picks straight to their inbox (AKA the skincare and beauty you should ACTUALLY buy)! You can sign up for the email newsletter here! And be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels,Tik Tok, Pinterest, & Newsletter to get the inside scoop to all my Sephora must-haves!



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