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DIY: Simple Lip Scrub

Have you ever applied your lipstick before running out the door only to find that your lips and are dry, scaly, and lipstick is only making the problem worse? Especially with the increasingly popular matte lip products, having rough and flaky skin on the lips is not a good look.

Sometimes no matter how many hydrating lip products you apply, what you really need is to gently remove the dead skin to make for a smoother canvas for lipstick application. When I run out of my favorite lip scrub, I have a super easy recipe for an at home version I can whip up in a pinch.

Pro-tip: What I love about this scrub is that you will more than likely already have these ingredients in your kitchen cabinet, making it perfect for a time crunch. Forgot your favorite scrub on vacay? Ask room service to bring you up a scoop of each of these ingredients and you’re good to go!

woman mixing Simple Lip Scrub

DIY: Simple Lip Scrub Ingredients:

  1. White or brown sugar
  2. Honey (I prefer Manuka honey but any will do)


mix equal parts sugar and honey until desired, pasty consistency. Apply a dime-sized amount to dry lips and GENTLY scrub. Remove with a wet cloth. Next apply your favorite hydrating lip product (mine is linked here)! I let this sit for a bit to hydrate and then apply my lipstick.

There you have it! The easiest recipe you’ll every make and you’re on your way to beautiful, smooth lips! Don’t know your way around the kitchen? Find my favorite beauty store lip scrub linked here, no mixing required ;-).

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woman holding a Simple Lip Scrub mixture

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