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All About EltaMD Skin Care’s All New Skin Recovery System

EltaMD New Skin Recovery System

I’m thrilled to be partnering with one of my favorite clinical skin care brands, EltaMD Skin Care, to share with you all about their new Skin Recovery System.

All About EltaMD Skin Care's All  New Skin Recovery System

All About EltaMD Skin Care’s All New Skin Recovery System

My trust in EltaMD Skin Care began many years ago. As a Dermatology PA I use EltaMD sunscreen daily and recommend one of their sunscreen products in the regimens of >80% of my patients. So, when I discovered that they have been hard at work on a Skin Recovery System, I knew I had to review the data and try it for myself right away.

The Skin Recovery System is a 3-step skin care system targeted to help restore the skin barrier. As well as calm and prevent irritation. Also, this is KEY when it comes to treating many skin concerns as well as preventing signs of aging. 

Complete with their clinically studied AAComplex Technology (amino acids) these formulations also contain antioxidants, humectants, lipids and skin-conditioning agents. So, they are fragrance, oil-and dye free, noncomedogenic, and most importantly, Dermatologist Tested!

When choosing skin care I’m often asked why “medical grade”? And the answer is: data.

Before releasing this Skin Recovery System, EltaMD conducted both in vitro (on skin cells in a lab) and in vivo (on real humans) clinical testing. In the studies, the 3-step system was also shown to reduce visible redness and increase skin’s hydration. 

Inflammation and dehydration are the arch nemesis to healthy, youthful-appearing skin. Dehydration also makes fine lines and wrinkles more apparent. And redness and inflammation lead to unpleasant cosmetic outcomes and more aging. So products clinically proven to improve both of these parameters will always have a place on my skin care shelf. 

This is exactly how I use the 3-step Skin Recovery Complex in my daily routine:

All About EltaMD Skin Care's All  New Skin Recovery System
  1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly.
  2. Apply the Skin Recovery Toner to entire face with a cotton pad or your fingers. *Fun fact: Did you know that toners were created to restore the skin’s pH after cleansing with alkaline soaps years ago? Now, cleansers have come a long way and no longer disrupt the pH of the skin in this way. And toners are used as a way to deliver efficacious ingredients!
  3. Apply the Skin Recovery Serum by gently pressing the product into the skin of the face and neck.
  4. Apply the Skin Recovery Light Moisturizer to the face and neck.
  5. Finish your skin care routine with a daily SPF. In fact, I prefer tinted for the added HEV light protection! If you follow me you know the EltaMD UV Physical or EltaMD UV Elements are my go-tos.

You can find the entire Skin Recovery Complex here!

Have you tried it yet? Let me know what you think!

**Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with and is sponsored by EltaMD. As always I ONLY recommend products, goods and services that I stand behind and personally love and use. 



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