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How To: Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

This fall I put together a little bachelorette weekend for my very best friend! Their wedding had been postponed not once but twice due to COVID and ultimately she decided to stay right here in Miami for Bach weekend (the perks of living in a city like MIA)! We planned a pool day for Saturday and of course I had to put together some fun pool/beach inspired party favors for the girls. Who knew they would be such a hit (obviously not me, I didn’t even get a decent picture of them)! My DMs were filled with requests for a how-to and product details so I am detailing them here!

items on Bachelorette Party Gift Bags
items and clear bags for Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

How To: Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

I chose clear, reusable cosmetic bags with pink piping so we could see exactly what was inside. Also, they make perfect TSA-friendly travel bags so that the girls could use them again.

Inside I obviously had to include some SPF for the Miami sun. P.S. I’ve linked everything below. It’s no secret that EltaMD is one of my favorite sunscreen brands so I included one of their tinted sunscreens (perfect for protection and light makeup like coverage) and their lip SPF. Lips are so often forgotten especially on big weekends where you’re spending hours outside and in the water! Nothing ruins a salted margarita like cracked, sunburnt lips.

Bach Part Bags

No Bach party bag is complete without the party essentials so I included some gum, Advil travel packets and Liquid IV for each girl. I purchased a jumbo pack of individually wrapped items so that I could include a couple in each. I found this to be the most cost effective way to make these bags: look for products that come in larger quantities that can be easily split up.

A spare hair tie is always a must. I purchased a pack of slip silk skinny hair ties and again divided them up so each girl had one. I think every single one used theirs at some point throughout the weekend!

Next, some personal hygiene. To aid in quick mascara touch ups I gave each girl an rms beauty coconut oil makeup remover wipe. They’re perfect for removing makeup, even waterproof, in a pinch. Hand sanitizer is a must but I didn’t want boring Purel. I LOVE this brand of beautifully scented spray hand sanitizers. They come in 4 scents but naturally I went with “Like A Virgin” for the festivities.

Throw in a ring pop for nostalgic pics and you’re good to go!

These bags were a hit with everyone and were such an easy, fun way to kick off the day’s festivities!

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