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4 Things I Do to Keep My Hair Healthy

1. Avoid heat when possible. My hair is pretty straight but of course I love to wear it wavy, cue the heat damage. So, I let my hair air dry after washing 90% of the time and only style as needed. I also do a cool water rinse at the end of my shower and then wrap my hair in this hair turban to reduce any frizz.

2. Take a Nutraceutical. After months of recommending Nutrafol to my patients, I finally committed to taking it daily for 3 months. After just 1.5-2 months I started to notice a difference and now 4 months in it has become a part of my comprehensive hair health regimen. The results I’ve seen firsthand for myself and patients speak volumes and I use it like a daily multivitamin as well. So, it’s a 2-in1 for me!

3. Sleep on silk. My pillowcase may not match my aesthetically pleasing linen sheets but silk reduces friction and prevents hair tugging when you turn in your sleep. I also use silk scrunchies for the same reason! You can use code AMY25 for 25% off of yours here!

4. Use a heat protectant. When I know I’ll be heat styling in the next day or two I apply a heat protectant to wet hair before letting it dry. This is my favorite one!



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