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4 Steps to Protect, Prevent and Repair UV Damage

When it comes to caring for our skin, I am often asked for “systems.” The systems that can be used when we don’t have the knowledge or time to build a regimen from scratch. Skin care is not one size fits all. In these cases it’s important to choose a system that will be gentle enough for even sensitive skin. But will still offer protective and corrective benefits. Thank you EltaMD for sponsoring this blog post.

4 Steps to Protect, Prevent and Repair UV Damage

One of my go to systems for just that is the EltaMD Skin Recovery System. You’ve heard me talk about it since it’s initial launch and it’s one I use and recommend over and over. I make sure this one is stocked in my husband’s cabinet along with the EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46. It’s such an easy way to ensure you’re getting everything you need. 

woman using product to Repair UV Damage

With EltaMD’s patented AAComplex technology, the Skin Recovery System is a 3-step system designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin that has been shown to visibly reduce redness and increase hydration in 24 hours. It also helps to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. This is the most exciting IMO. Of course, it’s also been Dermatologist-tested!

Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

Of course no skin routine is complete without a broad-spectrum sunscreen. After using the 3-step system I like to add one of EltaMD’s most popular sunscreens! UV Clear is an iconic sunscreen and is used by so many of my patients! This zinc based formula has both chemical and physical UV filters and rubs in completely clear with no white cast. With ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid this sunscreen targets many skin issues and is safe for those with acne and rosacea-prone skin. It lays well under makeup and they even have a tinted formulation. Be sure to use the 3 finger rule for the face and neck!

woman applying broad-spectrum sunscreen for Repair UV Damage
Elta MD products

EltaMD recently conducted an in vitro study that shows when the Skin Recovery System is used in conjunction with UV Clear not only does it help protect skin, but repair it from past UV damage. As you can see in the skin graph images below, the products, when used together, helped return skin to a healthy state.

Skin recovery system diagram
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This post was created in partnership with EltaMD Skincare. All opinions and views are my own.



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